Gift option

I think horizonmb should add a gift option so members could gift another member diamond so if they are a nice person or they helped alot they would get gifted by the member and it could be gifted anonymously or show username, Also they would receive a badge for a certain amount of gifts. This would be a good thing to add for members that are active here on this community.

That’s what the giveaways section is for IMO

I think he meant something not too dissimilar to TTG’s system where you can gift premium to any member who doesn’t have it without having the hassle of having to log into their account. In fact I think he’s suggesting a carbon copy of the system. A badge for gifts is unnecessary I feel, I’m all for a gifting system being implemented though.

Eh, I could see his idea being more like Reddit and Reddit Gold; can be gifted by anyone without physically getting on that persons account and, without making it a huge ordeal to those around him, show others that he has gold. Plus, it could allow those generous to reward others for assisting them in something they find needing help with. Granted not everyone would reward those with said “Gold,” that deserve it, but that is where other, more generous members, could see fit in rewarding those who went out of their way to help another member.

…then again that may be what the “Thank” button is for. Lol