Giveaway-1 Month Xbox Live Gold

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you the real mvp

I entered, you’re holding it down! lol

Well I wouldnt say I am the mvp. I am just a guy trying to give back to the community.


Thanks for the giveaway on time news guy!

Not entering as I have a bunch of Gold atm, but I’ll match you with a month giveaway of my own.

Update. Link to my giveaway thread Click Me

Thanks steve.

Awesome another 1 month giveaway! Thanks for doing this.

Nice giveaway

Thanks for this! Good luck all.

48 hour bump. Lets see some more entries.


48 hour bump. 2 days left. Lets see some more entries.

Entered #GreatGiveaway

Congratulations kevinl, you are now the proud owner of a new Xbox Live 1 month. No refunds. LOL.

Thank you for the giveaway.