[Giveaway] 3 x 1 Month Diamond

Since we haven’t done any giveaways for quite sometime I figured it was time for one.

2 ways to enter(You only have to do 1 and doing more than 1 will not give you a better chance)

  1. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. You must post here after and I will confirm you have done both if you win.

  2. Post a Cinematic screenshot of any PC game. Yes you must take it and I will verify it is original.


(“Följer” means following" in swedish)

Followed on twitter. Username:DI Gans (@TheZnakeE)

Followed and liked on facebook. Username: Stan stansson

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Click Me To See Pic.
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Followed on twitter but no facebook…aroundtwoit

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followed on Facebook and twitter

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Well it looks like no one else is going to enter. I will send you an a PM shortly with a coupon code for a month of diamond.

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