[Giveaway] Bioshock Infinite + Season Pass Bundle

Welcome to my Giveaway

This time ive giving away:

Content: http://store.steampowered.com/sub/40402/

Yes, BioShock Infinite woks very well with our Infinity Tool :smile:

Requirements for entering:

  • Steam Acount
  • Be added on steam for gifting the game

Where to enter? - Post on this Topic

This Giveaway will end: Jan 1st, 2016

I will use random.org with first a List Randomizer for all who enters and then generate a number to see who will win.



Wow! Another giveaway!

Good Luck Everyone!

Steam Name is the same as on here.

Entered, my steam user is this same here: Evildark007

Thanks for the giveaway, good luck everyone.

Was debating buying this but broke because of Christmas haha, would be good to win.

Bruh, 3 awesome back to back to back giveaways? I’m about to kiss you AYE LMAO. Jk I won’t.
Thanks for the giveaway, I won’t be entering cause I can’t run bioshock and still waiting for my new PC :3.

Whoa, was afraid i was going to get a kiss there.
Kissing my shoes is okey for me, nothing more tho.

Would love to win this bro, good giveaway! :smiley:

think i could win and thanks for being a good person with the giveaways :stuck_out_tongue:

Count me in. Thanks for another sweet giveaway!

You and these nice giveaways. I’m in, thanks!

sweet this is a bioshock i like

entered! :grinning: :aerial_tramway::slot_machine::circus_tent::moyai:!!!

Entered! Thank you and good luck to everyone else!

Entered, thanks!

I am going to pass this one as I have already completed the game on Xbox 360 but thanks for another giveaway!

I would love to win this :slight_smile:

BioShock is an awesomeone game!
Please let me win!

Entered, I haven’t played this game yet.
Good luck to you all.

Just saw this giveaway, thanks. Enterd

Played bioshock 1 and 2, very fun!