[Giveaway] Borderlands 2 Game of the Year

Welcome to my Giveaway

This time ive giving away:

Content: http://store.steampowered.com/sub/32848/

Of course, like the other giveaways. The games works very well with Infinity Borderlands 2 tool of ours :slightly_smiling:

Requirements for entering:

  • Steam Acount
  • Be added on steam for gifting the game

Where to enter? - Post on this Topic

This Giveaway will end: Jan 1st, 2016

I will use random.org with first a List Randomizer for all who enters and then generate a number to see who will win.



Dude, you’re on fire with these giveaways. Entered!

My mom said i didnt get Christmas presants if i didnt brought you guys gifts.

Wow! Another!

Entered. Good luck everyone.

Tell your mom I love her.

Entered. Thanks again man!

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Entered! Thank you and good luck to everyone else!

I’ma just enter all of these. Hopefully some Christmas karma will come back your way friend.

Christmas is about making others happy you know :wink:

entered. thx :grinning:

Entered, thanks for the giveaways.

Thank you for this one!

Good game, i want to join!

Good game, i own i already the standard. Could i still join?

I would rather not let you join, because of you will waste a pretty good game for someone else.

Still want to join?

Oki i dont join

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Thank you :slight_smile: Want to join!

You’re very generous I see. Good luck all!

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Good Luck Everyone And thanks for the giveaway SniperFi!

how do we post it

You just did