Giveaway Game: Brilliant Bob

About the giveaway:

Just post something below, (its a gift on steam, so ill have to either add u on steam or send it some other way, email etc) its a cute looking game. this giveaway will end once 10 people has posted, so if you see 10 people has already posted then it’ll be too late. after that there will be a draw between those 10 people, and the winner will get the game, so to get a chance to win you’ve gotta be lightening fast :slight_smile: hope thats okay.

Ill be using a random name picker to choose the winner.

This is my first giveaway. ^^ - Kalfax.


hi my name is hunter my steam name is 420player1

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Me and Bob go way back. Enter me as # 7 please. I’ll give you my Steam ID when I win.

Thanks @Kalfax

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Damn. Bob is an old friend. I remember when I was just a wee little lad playing in the playground with bob.

Enter me as number 8 kindly. (as it’s my favorite number)

Thank you for the opportunity @Kalfax.

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Already have it, good luck all!
Thanks for the giveaway to OP.


i will go with nº3, congrats on first giveaway ^^

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Aye. You choose for me, heh.

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thanks for doing a giveaway

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there are still some available spots. ^^

well put me in :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the giveaway I’ll take the 10

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Okay, there are 3 more entries available. :slight_smile:

Up! 3 more :sunny:

I would have to say it seems like nobody else wants it.

My professional opinion would be to let the next 3 members who post, whether they’ve entered yet or not, be able to get an entry. Bob’s sitting around bored out of his mind… he could be getting played and being brilliant. Lets do the right thing by Bob.

Throw me in as # 5 if you agree… or Bob suffers :cry:


One entry= One pray

Add me, i’ll just gift it to Steve if i win (i don’t really play games that much, sorry Bob but steve will take good care of you)

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okay, all the 10 names are in.
here we go.

and the winner is:

you won, let me know if you want the game through steam or email. :slight_smile:

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Yeaah! Lady luck is smiliing me today, thanks ^^ , through steam would be nice.