[Giveaway] GTA V

Welcome to my Giveaway

This time ive giving away:

Content: http://store.steampowered.com/app/271590/

Yes this come well along with our GTA V Infinity Tool :smile:

Requirements for entering:

  • Steam Acount
  • Be added on steam for gifting the game

Where to enter? - Post on this Topic

This Giveaway will end: Jan 1st, 2016

I will use random.org with first a List Randomizer for all who enters and then generate a number to see who will win.



entered. :red_car::police_car::airplane::helicopter::speedboat::steam_locomotive::sunrise::night_with_stars::bridge_at_night::city_sunrise::factory::bank:

Very awesome game :slight_smile: Please let me join

Finally a game I really want! R* no longer supports the Xbox 360 version.


I like to join this!!! Thank you for the giveaway :smiley: :slight_smile:

I’m in, thanks for the giveaway!

dude, you’re crazy with these giveaways! thank you!

Don’t you get tired of gifting people :stuck_out_tongue: ? Thanks and good luck all!

Count me in. How much exactly did you get for Christmas?

We got a topic for tha :stuck_out_tongue:

enter me!!! my steam is http://steamcommunity.com/id/weiner23/ also ty for this giveaway

Entering complete :slightly_smiling: Steam name: CalangLoy


Entering to win for a friend :slight_smile:

Entering, Thanks for the giveaway!


Interesting :confused:
What kind?


Entered, thank you

ohhhhhh I’m in! thanks for doing this!

Nice! Entered!