[Giveaway] Halo Warthog Forza Horizon 3 DLC

This DLC is releasing September 27th. I have one redeem code up for grabs. To enter this contest, simply post below with a screenshot of your most-used/favourite car from Forza Horizon series.

No limits to how many times you can post or who can post. I will select a winner on the 26th September based on who’s car I think is the best looking in my opinion. (Someone remind me nearer the time in case I forget).

odd I havent gotten my message with my code for that yet

Yeah got the code last night

Xbox might just hate me I know around fallout 4 I was supposed to get a truck for forza motorsport 6 and didn’t

@Troy I am aware I am past your giveaway deadline…but I figured No one actually submitted anything relative to the requested criteria; So I figured it was worth a shot.

I submit as My favorite the Subaru Brat GL, as a kid two of these little offroad monsters came into and out of my life (an 81 and an 83).
I have witnessed PERSONALLY how balanced and powerful these little cars were; and I have seen them go places that leave ALL full sized and lifted trucks in the mud with it’s only way out bein on the end of a chain hooked to a big green Deere

Contest is over. Winner has been selected: @Sykotik

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Lol I tried