Giveaway: VoG Hard Mode Atheon Checkpoint [Xbox 360]

I have the checkpoint for Atheon on Hard, if anyone is attempting to cheese him off.


  1. Post Gamertag.
  2. Join my invite.
  3. I will start the raid.
  4. Jump off the cliff and wait to respawn.
  5. Go to orbit!

Edit: Already completed the raid twice tonight and got my Mythoclast, sorry for those who couldn’t grab the CP from me. Mods can close.


GT: PuertoRicanHell

Also thank you for this.

EDIT: Crap just noticed the time stamp.

tWZtD x23

ooops 360 i am on X1

I sent a message to the two X360 gamertags, just message me back when you’re ready.

You still on? GT: II Reaver. If you’re still on let me know and I’ll boot up the game.

Thanks is advance.

If you still have it i would appreciate an invite. GT: Chunkier Drew

About to send you two a message, I’ll only have the checkpoint for another hour or two before I take my group through