Giving the gift of Diamond [Week 9!]


This giveaway will end next Thursday (December 25th) at 5:00 PM EST!

Congratulations to our last four winners, [b]Whats Up Jonny[/b] IHorney89 [b]Krossuryne[/b] and[i][b]UGA Phoenix Mk3![/b][/i]

I wanna thank, [b][i]Cheater912[/i][/b] and [b][i]Steve Wonda[/i][/b] for making this giveaway happen!

Steve and I have been discussing this giveaway for little over a week now, I have had the idea in my mind for over a month. Steve brought up the idea of starting the giveaway on a Thursday and having the giveaway end on a Thursday every week. This means that we will give 5 months of Diamond away up until December 25th (which is Christmas, the giveaway has already passed Thanksgiving!) and then we will giveaway another 5 months of Diamond on Christmas day!

Six weeks of Diamond giveaways and 10 months of Diamond, equivalent to $50!

Threads will be created individually with every 1 month being given away, so this is the nineth 1 month of Diamond giveaway which will end on December 25th!

There will be no requirements considering this is a holiday giveaway and Steve and I will like to give everyone a chance to win a prize!


I hope I win it would be nice to have diamond XD

Thank for the giveaway I already enter

Thanks for the Giveaway!

Me. :smiley:

Good luck to all of you! Happy Holidays!

i’m enterd in thanks guys

Ninth time is the charm

Thanks, n i c k !

Thank you Nick for such a nice giveaway! :smiley:

Muchos grasias penis
which i am told is mexican for “thank you very much ****”

Good luck, Cody! :wink: