Gjarllarhorn: Confirmed methods of getting one after HoWs release?

My next “step” in Dstiny is to acquire a Gjallarhorn. I have never really pushed for one before, ever, but I’m running out of stuff to do so I though I would make the effort to get a Gjallarhorn :smile: After much reading, I get the impression some things may of changed such as drop rates and only having a chance of getting one during certain events/missions and also on a set difficulty. Then I also read that things may change again after the House of Wolves DLC is released.

Can anyone confirm what methods/events are still available for users to participate in, that will potentially reward a player with this Exotic Weapon?

I got mine from the Nightfall last week. My friend also got his from the level 28 Prison of Elders chest.

When playing Prison of Elders, was it gained from a small chest or the one in the center that requires a treasure key?

He opened the big chest for the first time and got a Gjallarhorn. The only reason is because the first time you open it on a character you’re guaranteed an exotic.

That would explain why I got “Hard Light” then, and would then mean I can’t receive it from Prison of Elders anymore right?

There is no “confirmed way” to get any specific item. Everything in Destiny is based on RNG which is an acronym for RANDOM number generation.

That’s correct!

To my understanding though, I could never get one just by opening a loot chest for example or by running a strike mission over and over again. It will have to be something like maybe the Daily, Weekly, or the Nightfall right?

Please correct me If I’m wrong.

Yea, you sadly wont be guaranteed an exotic unless you make another character

what zodiac says. Personally i got this weapon from a purple engram i picked up while i was playing a strike in vanguard playlist

You could get a gjallarhorn off of a heavy weapon engram that dropped off a level 3 vandal in the cosmodrome.

There is no playlist, mission, or event that has a gjallarhorn in the loot table. It’s in the everything loot table.

If any of this were true, everyone would have one.

As stated it’s all based on RNG but exotics have a chance to drop in Nightfalls / Raids / Vanguard Strikes / Prisons Of Elders

Your best bet is participating in every single endgame activity I got mine from a nightfall my brother got his from 28 PoE chest and got another one from it yut and my friend got his from it yut too it can also drop from crota or atheon you can also get it off of the exotic VoG chest, there’s no guaranteed way of getting something you want in destiny cause RNGesus is the one who chooses what drops for you, just keep grinding and I’m telling ya you’ll have a hell of a lot grinding waiting for you .

There is no 100% method to get one.

It’s 100% RNG.

Sooo ya welcome to my world i have been chaseing this mythical unicorn (aka gjarllarhorn) for a whole year and it will never show its face to me…BUT it will show its face to people in my fireteam but never me i i been trying to get it when Xur first sold it…and i have three characters and i run nightfall PoE VoG and Crota and even PvP and still to this day it will not drop for me…but i can get 5 Vex’s like it candy even i have gotten 4 crux but no gally

Well all you crybabies can stop your whining, because the jerk sold it today…took me about 1,800 hours to date to obyain a total of 8, i am sure others could of waited also…Furthermore i have petitioned to bungee that xur sold Gallys should be applied with the nerf and those prior not, also that the ones purchased from xur should be stamped with his face

Well cheers for the heads up as much as it hurt you to see him selling it ha:lol:

Butthurt much

The only crybaby here is you, whining about xur selling gjally. I’ve had one for each character months before TDB came out, but that doesn’t mean people that haven’t gotten lucky enough to get a random drop don’t deserve to use the weapon before the nerf.

Your idea that just because you got your 8 due to “random number generation” gives you any sort of seniority or skill over those who bought from xur is a joke in itself.

Please make more silly posts in the future for me to laugh at

with the new dlc it is going to be extremely hard to get a gjallarhorn drop in missions or nightfalls. I would still push for one there great! just don’t get mad if you don’t get one because again it is extremely hard now.

I have a Gjallarhorn now… Thanks for all your replies (constructive and negative).