Gladiatus cheat

Hello, I have a question.
Is this possible to make a cheat for browser game like Gladiatus or something like that?
cheats like add gold, rubins etc… :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community.

Trainers are only for solo game modes, no matter where you get them from. Here are the reasons why, from another recent post of mine:

  1. Technical: Trainers work by injecting code onto memory addresses in your PC’s RAM that a game is running from. Multiplayer games run from a server hundreds of miles away from you, hence no memory addresses on your PC to inject into.

  2. Moral: Cheating online is immoral. Ruining the game for other people is a really, really crappy thing to do and generally makes you an evil person.

  3. Terms of Use: You’ll be permanently banned from the game. And you will not get a refund for being banned. Both of these are stated in every game’s terms of use. No company is going to tolerate you ruining the game for their other (rule-abiding) paying customers.

  4. Legal: Anyone who miraculously makes cheats work in online game modes will be sued into bankruptcy by the game company to make them disappear.

WeMod is a respectable and law-abiding business. We do not support such shady activity.

This information is found by using the search button in the top-right of the community. :slight_smile: