Glitch with allows you to create unlimited 160MSP codes free

Recently, an exploit was found where you can generate a Microsoft point code with a value of 160 points, 48 hour trial codes, and the avatar “Banshee” prop. All that is required is entering a url into your browser, slightly editing it a bit, and redeeming the code. The codes were originally intended to be promotional codes, but using this exploit, you are able to gather multiple codes, which can add up to a fairly decent ammount of points, all for free. Feel free to check out the tutorial Here it will be patched


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Rofl late much.


lol wow. I give it 1 hour from now. until patched.

Im pretty sure it patched…and only like 2 days late

Little Slow There Ehhhh?
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Only bout 2 days late :stuck_out_tongue:

Ten Years Late lulz

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been doing this for days and for all who are clueless… ITS NOT PATCHED

anyone else got this after getting loads of codes?

An error has occurred during the transaction. Please try again later.

wat do?

ps: use the points wisely… don’t spend them on crappy avatar clothes etc. get full games instead!!!:

i keep getting the grey Live Content box when i paste the code in, and i know i’m doing it right. i got it to work earlier today but i honestly think it’s patched now, unless someone wants to prove me wrong & give a couple codes as proof.

omg how?

thats what i get :l

yeah, that’s what i keep getting

Your a lil late there buddy!

New tutorial: The easiest way to host your text

Password: itzapickle

Enjoy! <3