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I do Avatars,Text Signatures,and regular signatures(sometimes).

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Color: Purple
Font: you choose


Text: Rattlesnake (also add a little tm next to rattlesnake)
Picture: None
Color(If no picture): Purple
Font: Don’t matter, you choose.

[b]Text: zK OpTiiMuS
Picture: Same Mac OS Wallpaper
Color(If no picture):
Font: You choose, I like your example.

Thanks so much bro![/b]

Text: FilthSteps
Color: Rainbow
Font: Like yours

Anymore requests?Im about to close.

Text: Undead(also add a little tm next to Undead)
Picture:mw3 cove art
Color(If no picture): n/a
Font: Don’t matter, you choose.

Just wondering, what font did you use for the example with the text in the picture? Thanks :smile:.

Wouldn’t let me add tm , but that font was the best looking one.

Text: Mare
Color(If no picture): same as yours :smiley:
Font: Bebas Nue

Thanks i really appreciate it !

No problem!Tell others!

Will Do.

Text: Befenix
Picture: Deadmau5 Head
Color(If no picture):
Font: Reboard

Text KonM4N4Life
Color Purple/Red/Pink/Dark Blue
Font Devil Breeze

Thanks < 3