mmmm Think there is a way to make a GOD into an ISO file to allow burning and playing via a disc/flashed xbox.

Yes their is, I read it a will back, but I think you burn it like a data disc, with the file structure of the xbox HDD. you will need the profile to play it.

I would just try putting it on their with in the folders it should be in if it were on a HDD

I don’t have the original profile. Damn it this game looks semi-descent too >:e


So I still need the profile to play it, even if I burn off the disc and play it on my flashed console? .-.

I’m pretty sure it’s not possible on a retail 360. Since Microsoft signs all GOD games, there is no way to create them without knowing the signature they use. You can create a unsigned GOD, but it will only work on a console capable of running unsigned code, which is not what a flashed dvd drive can do.