Godfall trainer

where is request for godfall game

It doesn’t get released until 12th November at 13:00 PST / 16:00 EST / 21:00 GMT.
It’s the 11th November right now. :slight_smile:

Games are added to the WeMod library automatically for voting once the system detects that enough WeModders have it on their PCs. Since it isn’t released, nobody has it, hence WeMod cannot detect its existence. :slight_smile:

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so that means we will get one once released right? im playing it right now and it most def needs a trainer with resources to upgrade and a god mode is really needed

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Still definitely not requestable yet

The game has been out for a while now.

Until the game receives 2000 votes we will not be creating a trainer for it. You can vote for it in the Request tab.

The game is pretty bad, I don’t think they sold 2000 copies to start with. LOL
Don’t mind me, the game came free with all purchases of any card in the RTX 5000 series.

The game is pretty bad, I don’t think they sold 2000 copies to start with.

This is the exact reason we are requiring voting. The reviews are horrible for it.

You are right, the (re)views for this game are horrible.

The votes passed the 2k mark. The controls are bloody awful, the only way I will finish this game is by cheating big time. How long will it take to get the trainer?

Idk. We’ll have to see if we can actually make one.

any news on this game ?

No. None yet.

So is it being worked on now i myself dropped like 75 votes into it lol, it’s over 2000 now.


There is a paid trainer out there that was released within a few hours after the release of the game. Do you see any reason for Wemod not being able to make a Godfall trainer in a reasonable amount of time (i.e. today)?

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Which trainer? so i can get it lol

I can’t post the link in the forums, the moderators will probably kick my ass. I’ve sent you a private message. Enjoy the trainer :yum:
I am too cheap to pay for cheats, I am still hoping Wemod will do it in a timely manner.

hey dude, will you be able message me this trainer by any chance

I can’t message you the trainer. If I would have the paid trainer I wouldn’t wait here like a moron. All I can do is message you the link to the paid trainer, I hope that helps.

The game has reached the needed votes a while ago, any Admin that can give us an update on the trainer?

We do not give ETAs or status updates for trainers. There are too many factors which affect this. Such as technical things that need to be worked around, games that were at the top of the queue first and the availability of testers.

WeMod is the most popular trainer provider on the internet as well as the largest, so there are a lot more things in the development queues here than WeMod’s (ahem, greedier, non-free) competitors will have.

They will be made as fast as humanly possible. Our trainer developers are great, but they’re not robots. Please be patient and grab some freebies from the deals section of the forum in the meantime.

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