Going to start streaming content soon, need some opinions

So, I have been interested in streaming gaming content for the longest time. Always admired the streamers out there who were able to make something of themselves doing that, and I am looking to do the same as well.

I am going to be getting myself an elgato hd60s streaming device (hopefully), and the requirements for it to run are pretty specific, so I am looking to get myself a pretty good laptop that can handle the streaming.

I am not looking to spend more than $600 and I am not looking to build myself a desktop as I don’t have a desk, or a laptop, and I am not looking at Mac’s either.

If anyone has any suggestions as to what I should go for, link it to me in the comments or send me a pm.

Thanks, and I look forward to reading your guys’ suggestions.

Another thing to take into consideration is your Internet

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$600 will not give you a very good computer, and you are going to need one if you want to stream new AAA games.

You will have to think about framerate too. Frames get lost when streaming.

  • A “bad” computer will cause a significant “loss” of framerate while playing and might lower the graphical quality.

  • The recording program can miss a few frames and possibly decrease the video quality.

  • You will need a good, fast and reliable internet connection to send everything to the streaming site in time, otherwise there will be lag.

  • And lastly there is the streaming site itself, it might further worsen the framerate and/or video quality.

This is all just guessing though, I honestly don’t have any real experience in this area.

Although I would say that your personality is the true limit. Entertaining people can play old horrible games without it being boring to watch. Take Cr1TiKaL for an example.

For well under $600, you can sometimes get a notebook with an Intel Core i5 or an AMD A’X’ CPU, with 4 to 8GB of RAM, and a 500GB hard drive, all respectable specs.

Depends on the model though.

However, at this price, most (if not all) of the notebooks won’t have an SSD, a full-HD display or long battery life. There are a few exceptions though, such as the Asus VivoBook E403Sa and Lenovo ThinkPad 13.

Give these links a read, as you may find few suitable laptop options/MODELS, as it might serve your purpose as well, IMO.


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does it have to be a laptop? you’ll get way more for your money if you get a desktop.

For me, it does. I don’t have the room or the furniture required for a desktop, and I won’t leave it on the floor.

fair enough. guess nick’s suggestions would be good then ^^
it wont be great for gaming but if u lower graphics a bit itll work out.

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You are still going to need a desk or table, one big enough to hold your laptop, mousepad, drink, snacks and microphone.

And I have 2 TV trays which is all I need. And I am not going to be streaming PC games. I am going to be streaming console games, so I don’t need a mouse right now. And I have a microphone already.

[quote=“Phoenix, post:9, topic:23979, full:true”]
I am not going to be streaming PC games. I am going to be streaming console games, so I don’t need a mouse right now. [/quote]

Ah, okay. A laptop makes sense then since you are likely going to be sitting in a living-room environment, with a tv, cofee(?) table and a couch.

Actually, I am going to be streaming in my room. Lol. I have 2 TV trays set up in there for my laptop and other items.

I have the best internet speeds I can get here in Virginia hawk. Total of 150 mbps down and 30 or 40 Mbps up.

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Why are you planning on getting a capture card and a laptop to handle streaming instead of just using the console’s streaming feature[s]?

Just curious.

Those features I find suck

The console streaming sucks in my opinion and I can’t record videos for more than 5 minutes on the Xbox one.

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Alright, sounds like good enough reasons.

oh streaming with a console? hmm… yeah guess u dont need a very expensive pc for that :slight_smile: u should be fine with that setup.

in the future tho if you want to upgrade, id recommend getting a mic upgrade maybe. (unless you already have a good studio grade mic) a blue yeti pro or the razer seiren pro are good choices. (I have the razer seiren pro myself, it has great sound.) but before investing in that maybe get a mouse, i know u wont need it for playing, but it will speed up setting up your obs setup and such way faster than a mousepad. logitech (best brand atm) has many good cheap options with great tracking. they recently came out with the logitech pro which is cheaper than the high end gaming mouses, with the same great reliability. :slight_smile: but yea, it depends on ur budget, there are cheaper options too. (keep in mind these are just suggestions, u dont need to upgrade anything to stream atm, seems like uve got everything u need)

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For steaming, Asus ROG G752VS OC edition could be good choice. Thank you.


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