Gold Issue?

So i had like an ass load of xbox live gold that was good till 11/27/14.
So i went to the free games on my xbox and it gives me all those "Buy gold for free games, blah blah blah"
I also went to my subscription tab and it asks me if i want to buy gold.
What the hell gives? I can still party chat and still play multiplayer. But when it comes to free games for the xbox one im getting screwed over?
Anyone else having this problem? :confused:

I had this, though, I do not think you have what I had. My “gold” (what you have now, still can play online, yet can not get free gold games) never ran out. I had gold forever (the account I has this on has been banned for 1+ years, though, It says I still have gold on it) Personally, I would not complain. If you can no longer play multiplayer, then I would call Microsoft (AKA Xbox live support).

If you have an account on your Xbox one that has gold (and it’s set to “my home Xbox”) you’ll get the benefits of gold from that account. Party chat, multiplayer, etc, but you won’t have the option to the free games till you actually purchase gold for your account.

I dont get it. My gold is still good yet…i can’t get free games?
The hell kinda bs is this? If im gold then i should have the option to get free games right?
So what do i have to do? Buy gold again so i can start getting free stuff?

When did you purchase your membership? Or is it auto renewal?

Well my account is set for auto renewal since my debit card was canceled.
So when i purchase one. Say for like $9.99. I have to buy that in order to get free games? Even tho my membership doesnt run out until 11/27

Well since your membership doesn’t run out until November 27th, and you’re not able to download the free games. I would just contact customer support, I wouldn’t buy another month until your absolutely sure your membership has run out.

Delete your profile from your console, clear out your system cache by pressing and holding the power button for 10 seconds. Turn on your console again, and redownload your profile. That should fix it.