Gold or Silver: Which do you prefer?

I don’t own or wear a lot of jewelery. I got a solid Silver Bracelet and wedding band/ring which is more to my taste. I don’t dislike Gold but there is just something about Silver that I’m more attracted too.

Which would you choose? (Feel free to include any images of jewlery/items).

gold sells more lol

Yeah and also makes you a target to get robbed :wink:

not all the time I heard a guy killed a kid for a ipad not gold lol

I really hate gold man the colour is horrible, but white gold on the other hand is really nice, just looks like silver man

Gold is too flashy for me.

i thought this site was about modding not discussing real life stuff.

It is about everything basically, that is why this is posted in the General Discussion.

ill remember that when I post a thread lol

Silver, doesn’t draw as much attention.

not true if u go in a bad street u could still get robbed for silver

Move out of the ghetto before you buy something decent :wink:

Silver looks the best on any man honestly.

It’s honestly just preference I used to wear a ring out of titanium and now I wear a wedding band made of tungsten. Word to the wise if you be weary of titanium as if something were to happen that they would need to get the ring off and can’t…they’d most likely have to cut off your finger and then reattach. If you really want gold, I prefer white gold, personally, and silver is great too, but it can tarnish very easily.

Huh, I’ve never given it much thought, but if I had to choose between two pieces of jewelry that varied by one being silver and the other gold than I’d probably go with the silver. I’m not sure as to why, but, like a few have said, gold is too flashy for my taste and I feel as if silver is easier to match with.

…I could see myself wearing silver jewelry and looking like an idiot with gold!

Interesting post TR0Y!

I don’t wear jewelry a lot, just watches now and then, but I’d take gold mainly cause of the price. Since it’s so expensive, you feel rich if you buy a piece of gold to wear. But yeh, like drugamer said, white gold if I had to wear anything because I feel like white gold looks so much better, and throw on some diamonds onto that and it looks pretty damn amazing. But then my wallet starts to cry cause I’m not Kanye.

I own a gold chain with some gold pendants but I don’t wear it much anymore. I use to wear it daily then stopped for whatever season.

but u cant say u haven’t seen a cool gold ring or chain that u wish u had right?

I honestly could, when I was younger I thought they were cool, but now I don’t.