Good pc games?

I recently finished my computer with a gtx 970 g1 but am looking for some quality games to play, I have nba, rbi baseball, project cars (don’t like the physics), and mortal kombat. I know dayz is out but looking to get used to pc gaming a little more before I jump into a game I need to defend myself in against other players. Not an mmo fan andddddddd GO!

Starcraft II(If you like RTS)
Goat simulator

line rider is pretty fantastic.

You should get H1Z1. The battle royale in it is really fun.

Only games I play are GTA: V, Diablo III and CS:GO

Diablo III is a solid pc game. Also gta v for the mods

GTA 5 and Dragon Age Inquisition . Those games ive playing most lately
Just started on The Witcher 3 and its amazing :laughing:
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You should try the earlier Witcher games if you havent tried those.

League of Legends.

garry’s mod for prop hunt or the Half Life series.
either are always good for getting used to pc controls
before moving onto multiplayer games.

If alpha games dont throw you off, ive been loving DayZ and as of late Rust has taken literally all of my time. H1Z1 is not so bad, i have not been on in awhile, hackers ruined the fun i was having.

Roblox 4 lief