Good Site to buy a Flashed 360 from?

i have a Mac and i don’t feel like going through the trouble to getting everything that is needed to flash a 360 so i want to buy one… but where?..

if you know of a site that is in the US ONLY then please post it below…

im not looking for anything extremely expensive… it can be a site that pumps out arcades that are flashed for dirt cheap.

please only post trusted sites… thanks

TTG has trusted sellers but I would look at just buying a new one and getting it flashed for around $30. Then you know what you are getting. But don’t buy it unless you plan on stay offline because there will be a new dash update soon that will reflash it.

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Check StockPile’s thread on TTG, if not him look at other sticky’s on TTG. And if you are looking to only use it to go online, I would save your money and not buy one. With the new update coming out, it will keep you from going on flashed consoles.

theres a new dash coming?.. and no i wanted to go online with it to do TBOGT mods… everytime that i hotswap i screw up and end up ruining my retail disc and burned disc…

Yes, the people that got in on the beta testing for it have it already. If you plan on going online it will reflash it to stock firmware when it come out.

And it Nulls out your DVD Key.

so… just dont buy one?.. i really want a flashed xbox so i can just burn modded games and play them without scratching the **** out of every disc i have…

also… release date on that new dash? so i can wait for a new firmware to come out

From what I have heard, the update will be out May 19th

Someone posted a thread saying 5/19/2011 but right now it isn’t known.

And Tom someone will figure out a new way. Or you can grab your DVD key early so you can flash it after.

19/5/11 (19th May)

wah:( this sucks… also… what is the x360key thing? i saw it on here a while back… it sup. will play xbox games straight from a usb without flashing?..

Link: x360key - Play all your Xbox 360 games from any USB drive!

You can’t go online with these. Plus they will get patched.

but its not release yet?.. anyway… so just wait until LT v1.2 or whatever to come out after the new dash is out?..

buy a new one and get it flashed then you wont get ****ed over

i have an opened Elite and a 250gb Slim… both on the new dash retail… i got an xbox ready to be flashed. i just need to know where… how much… and how…

What drive have you got? Go Here to see which you have

Wait until after the update when a new FW comes out. Go buy an xbox now that is unbanned though, and stash it away.

You can find locals “craiglist” that will flash your xbox for about 25$

see i was planning on doing that but i didnt know about this dash update until now…