Got a new HD Tv? Learn how to Switch from SD to HD On your Xbox 360


Upgraded your Tv to a new fancy HD Tv system? Great! But before you start playing, you will have to change some settings to fully make it “HD”


[b]Assuming you already have the Xbox 360 HD cable’s, we can get started, if you dont, you can buy them for cheap here

Ok, you are going to want to take the end of your calbes ( the end that goes into the xbox )
And switch it from SD over to HD

Now, at the Xbox 360 Dashboard, Go to System Settings

Go to Console Settings

Next go to Display, And if your cable is set to “HD” and you have your HD cables plugged in correctly, You should be able to go to the HDTV settings.

From there, change it from the default 480p, to either 720p or 1080p, Depending on your HD TV.[/b]

Click Yes to confirm the change

Congrats! your done!

Pictures not by me, only tut.

Are you serious?

what :confused:

I respect you for taking your time to make this nicely done tutorial,
But do you really think people need or don’t know how to do this?

i Honestly dont know…=\

Maybe somebody who just got a xbox?

ugh -_-

Perhaps, but I just don’t think this will be very useful to the community.
I think if you are on a gaming/modding forum you should know how to do this.
But you did do a good job at making this tutorial, you should make some useful others :smile:

Thanks, i do have lots of tuts though, i just dont have any ideas and i felt like i needed to make a tut


How’d you get more settings for res?

I didn’t know people still used that video cord. /:
HDMI ftw.

People with recording software my friend.

and people say my how guides to mod something using horizon is self explanatory.