Got banned from GTA V from Infinity

I’m banned for a month from GTA V from using ■■■■■■■ SINGLE PLAYER mods on Infinity. really dissapointed.

Why are you disappointed? All forms on cheating run a risk of being banned, single player or multiplayer… it doesn’t matter.

I do find it hard to believe though that you was banned simply for using cheats in single player only. It’s a rare case really and you was either unfortunate or foolish enough to take the cheats online, either by mistake or purposely.

The bottom line is: Infinity was not the problem.


The fact you put zero warning or take zero responsibility for anything when using a multi game all in one cheat program is dumb. Your product has a lot of potential but it has nothing to say about ANYTHING regarding the consequences of cheating, also most likely is going to be quiet big soon since its pretty slick and straight forward installation for any game. Its also incredibly vague of what it is, Online or single-player, Infinity never specified. I didn’t take the cheats online anyways.

As a matter of fact, the site does state what it’s responsible for and what Infinity is intended to be used for…

It is also the user’s responsibility to read through similar information above before using the software. That’s part of the agreement you have when registering an account with the site.


It’s not obvious or anywhere in the software. instead you have to go to a webpage that is completely hidden and not in the program itself. IT can be easily integrated; a warning of there is no anticheat protection and we aren’t responsible, also stating which mods are single, and multi

It doesn’t have to be “obvious or anywhere in the software”. It is not a legal requirement. Regardless of where you have to find this information, of what Infinity is built for and what it is not built for, is irrelevant. The information exists already, whether that be in the software on another web page.

If you feel that it needs to be added to the software itself, then feel free to make a suggestion thread for it.

Sorry if I’m coming across a little ‘passionate’, I just have a lot a respect for this site and it’s members and I can NOT accept someone else attempting to “pass-the-buck”.


It isn’t a legal requirement however it is sneaky and dishonest.

That’s an opinion which you are entitled too, not a proven fact.

Sorry to hear about your ban. At least it wasn’t permanent. Have a good day, sir!


I actually didn’t want to bump into here. But there are some things that you didn’t notice “sexykid566”.
First off. Rockstar games said that modding in GTA 5 singleplayer is ALLOWED and will NEVER Ban you!
Using mods on Multiplayer are a different story though. Also I just looked on the forum site for the GTA 5 trainer. The second post (The first one was an update post) Said clearly that Infinity does not support MP modes.
Secondly when I go to a website which offers me any kind of service (In this case a all in one Modding platform for PC games) I always check the FAQ, Terms of service (maybe not all of it, the important bits) to check if it’s even legal to use it.

Troy showed you a link which is taken from the Knowledge base which is, believe it or not, accesible via 1 mouse click from the homepage. It’s not hidden. It’s the same as on other sites like origin/steam/GOG.
Third point.

Why inform about a anticheat protection and tell the user if it’s single or multi if everywhere is said that it’s singleplayer only?
Games with AC (Anti-Cheat) like watch dogs 2 have the information in them that you need to disable Easy anti cheat. It’s even said that you need to activate it again in order to play multiplayer.

On this site there’s nothing sneaky or dishonest going on.
Everyday People ask if Infinity can be used in Multiplayer games. The answer is always simple. No!
You can check every Trainer Thread. The Question is asked everywhere.

Sitting with Troy here. I’m sorry about your ban but Infinity is not the culprit or reason behind it.
Have a nice day!


You didn’t get banned from GTA V for using Infinity in single player.

I don’t know any game that will ban you for modding single player unless the stats carry into online and can ruin the gameplay for others. GTA V is not one of these games. That last two sentences are generally what people say when they tried to use it online but want to blame us even though we didn’t force you to do it and have denounced online modding.

We don’t support multiplayer so there is no need for a warning. Games that have anticheat generally just don’t allow injection until it has been disabled. Once it has been disabled you can’t go online in those games. We do not support online modding so there is no reason for us to have to worry about anticheat which GTA V doesn’t have in single player.


Either you used our tool in GTA Online or you have done some type type of illegal exploit or tool in the past that made you banned.

Ive tested a good bunch of Infinity’s tools for games and im yet to be banned.
And as long you use the tool to its intended use, you should be fine and not get banned.

Its always easy to point the finger and blame Infinity.
But you are the only one to balme for your own actions.


It’s common sense!

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I also used GTA V in singleplayer a lot of times, from december to february and never got banned.
sexykid566 is a troll guys, by doing this tread it will mislead results about Infinity i theorize*…

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*theorize goddamnit Bacon you disapoint me! :stuck_out_tongue:
Na he obviously used them in MP and got banned for it :smiley:

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when you mod a game you are responsible, mods should only be used in singleplayer, and it kinda sucks that rockstar banned you for that when theyre for modding on singleplayer… maybe contact rockstar.

is it possible that uve done something else too though? ive used infinity on gta 5 single player for a long time and havent gotten banned.

Edit: PS: i saw this guy posting adverts about selling modding, so this guys probably not a good guy, dont take his word for this.

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Dont talk like that about baconface!!! :rage:

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You better watch out or I will be disappointed in you aswell :rage:

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I dont know what all the fuss is about, i wrote it perfectly the first time , it might show i edited it, but is cause the forum is bugged.

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I’m not disappointed cuz all the trainers I try work perfect for me ! That’s why I didn’t mind buying " pro " . Thanks guys for all your work


You sure about that @Sproy huh?
Kinda seems weird that there’s a little star behind your “non-edited” word :stuck_out_tongue:

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