Got My Xbox One!

I finally got my Xbox One today! I got the Assassin’s Creed Bundle w/ the Kinect. I’m going to wait until Christmas to open it and set it up. I can’t wait until Christmas. I know it may not be worth getting the Xbox One so early, but I don’t really see it that way. In my opinion, the difference between the 360 and the One on the premise of hardware, graphics, and overall performance is astronomical. I have just one question though. Is there any art or any design on the Console, Controller, or Kinect that is Assassin’s Creed related or any design that is different from the normal Xbox One. I’m not really into the special art or design on things, I prefer the norm. I’m just weird like that, ya know? If someone could clear that up that would be wonderful. In retrospect, the only reason I got the Assassin’s Creed Bundle is that it comes with 2 free games to get me started.

No, the bundle is a normal console with a download code for Unity.

Welcome to the Xbox One world… I’ve only had mine a couple weeks also.

Personally I don’t like game art on the console… its great at the start but 2 years down the line your console is stuck with an outdated skin.

I still love my Halo 3 special edition.


What games are you planning on getting later on? GTA V?

I am planning on getting GTA V, Dead Rising 3, Battlefield 4, and other game like those. :smile:

Battlefield 4 is insane on Xbox one, mainly because it’s 64 player online. Better than COD’s 12 player online :laughing:

Imagine COD 64 players though. It would be stupid, the maps aren’t designed for lots of players whereas Battlefield maps are.

I would have NO patience knowing there is an unopened Xbox one in my home.

Congrats Blake!

Might as well open it up and start downloading. It’s going to take you until Christmas to get all your games downloaded and installed. That was my first week experience with the X1.

The point I was trying to make was battlefield feels like it has pushed the next gen to its limits, may not be graphics wise but the sheer amount of action. COD feels no different on next gen.