Got Permabanned for modding my avatar color

I did not know that i would get instantly banned for making my avatar blue with horizon.
Now i have lost everything. you dont even know how pissed i am. :cry: if any of you know how to unbann someone from Xbox live i will literally buy the next year of live for you. Please help.


Its impossible to get “unbanned” from Xbox live so your screwed, those are the risks of modding unfortunately.

not unban but get all of your content back

Do the get glitch to get online with a banned account and you can do a license transfer when you need to. Then download all the content.

Thought it was known by everyone that modding your avatar is the biggest no-no of XBL modding.

stop crying like a little ***** & complaining, you moddedyour avatar, what you think no one would of noticed?

wait first of all i thought the glitch was patched and how do i licence transfer? do i have to get a knew xbox?

If you already licensed your profile to your console then no. But if it’s not licensed, then you would need to get a new xbox.

calm yourself I’m new to this stuff… and i think u would be pretty pissed too if you got permabanned…

I already licence transfered it to my slim…

no not really, because i would know the consequences. but thats the thing now a days. everyone does stuff with out thinking about what might happen.

Then you would need to sign into your account and redownload everything that you want to keep. (That is if the sign-in glitch still works.)

Yeah, there’s always that risk of modding anything. I learned that after 2 of my accounts got perma-banned. 1 for modding the avatar color, and my 2nd account got banned for modding gamer score and the year watermark. Thus I don’t mod anything anymore. Well, except for a couple of things in Skyrim. :wink: Other than that, I’m done.

Really sorry for you Ditty. You must of felt like you were hit by a brick wall when that message popped up.

wait so i can get everything from my modded account back by just using the glitch… but the glitch isnt working for me :anguished:

dude you dont even know I’ve had that account for 4 YEARS!!! every that i have ever done with xbox is on there…:cry:

okay, when your banned, your banned. nuff said. make a new acc and start all over. hope you learned your lesson

I’m pretty sure it still works. I did it about a week ago.

Yo. You’re a ****.

He stating the obvious.
I don’t see why people would even want to mod their avatar, and everyone knows that when you do it ends up in a perma ban.

sorry if i was impulsive, but why complain about getting banned. if you know what you did was wrong ? i just lol

its like getting caught selling weed…