Gotham Knights Cheats and Trainer for Steam

please increase the chances to drop legendaries …like you guys did with outriders


I tried using the GothamKnights.exe as an executable, but it’s not working for me, either.

i have problem right now maybe after update. “Game instance is already running” press ‘Ok’.

I suggest shutting everything down; the game, WeMod and even Steam. Then try again.

NOT WORKING it keeps loading infinity the game loads and everything but i cant activate any option.

Did you buy the game from Steam?

That is not going to happen, as we do not condone piracy.

yes steam game

i fixed it, i click history and choose before the last update.

cheers mate fixed

I would like to suggess a cheat add on a freeze timer challenge/mission because I have a disability and they are so hard to complete even for a normal person thanks in advance :wink:

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Gosh yes please, drop rate in this game is so miserable, I been looking for a damn suit on legendary and it won’t drop at all. Please increase drop rates.

Anyone has an interest adding a code to increase drop rate, please? I’d highly appreciate it.

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Please add freeze timer option. Thanks!


Seconded. I’ve been doing the time trials and the devs clearly think this game controls better than it actually does.

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If possible, I’d like this option as well.

The trainer no longer works since today’s update. Cheats turn off automatically. Thanks !


i agree with Antho_2bov. the same thing is not working for me. the trainer was not working.

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The Gotham Knights cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

The trainer does not work.