GoW: Judgment

Looks like they forgot to rename the game for the developer-only medal :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, I’m using the EPIC Studios medal. I felt that the Gears 3 developer was a bit risky to put on, but it seems both Microsoft and EPIC doesn’t give a damn if you mod in Gears 3, they’re more worried about Judgement.

That’s a great mod.

Patiently waiting for it to get added to Horizon…

I should say the same. Never got banned playing a few matches of MP and Horde with their EPIC Skin (: Also patiently waiting for this beast of a mod tool

I’ve been using the Epic Medal, the Epic Weapon skin, and the even the reaper a couple of times in online matches along with 12th re-up 50 since the first week of GoWJ and there hasn’t seemed to be any issues. I’ve been pretty damn active too.

I would imagine Epic is just heavily focusing on updates and such before they poke into security tweaks and whatnot for in-game bans.


Also Cheater, the Beta Tester medal from GoW3 should be in there too. I found it in the coal but never tried to mess with it.

Also, if you’re working on the tool which as I can see in this image I would imagine you are, we’ve been testing various ways to try to get the Reaper, or the two Bulletstorm characters to stick and as far as I know it’s not possible. We got the Epic weapon skin to stick equipped ( not unlocked of course ) and I noticed that unlike in GoW3 when you’re in the ranked match lobby and you’re selecting your character, weapons, ect that it shows the Epic skin equipped on your gun rather than the default weapon skin.

I’ve come to the conclusion that either we haven’t found the right way to stick the reaper ( there’s a few other things I’d like to try before fully believing that ) along with the Bulletstorm characters or that there’s checks in the server for characters. I did notice neither the Reaper, nor the Bulletstorm characters were in the Xbox360-GearGame.ini however the Epic weapon skin WAS and all three were listed in the normal GearGame.int. However apart from testing a few things, depending on whether or not you currently have the GPD encryption, you should probably look for the Epic / Dev tags that enable you as an Epic / Dev user. It could just be that the check makes sure you’re an Epic / Dev user before allowing you to equip the characters and the weapon skin was just left out of the check. I seem to remember there being a tool that could toggle your gpd as epic / dev for GoW3 and as far as I know I used that method to fully unlock the epic weapon skin and medals and I’ve yet to be banned from GoW3 since then. ( So finding a way to do the same for GoWJ would probably null out any chances of being banned for using Epic weapon skins and characters )

Hope this wall of text helps you out in someway.

I bet that’s just there way of saying “We’ve got you Cheater!”. Or possibly the fact that they don’t use it?
In their livestreams (and when playing) they only use the “I am EPIC!” medal.
Was it just me who focused looking at the other medals and the medal percentage?

May I ask when are the update for the GoW: Judgement tool will be released on Horizon?

I’ll admit I drooled a little at the medals.

I believe the reason that the Epic Reaper character doesn’t unlock is simply because they store if the person has it on their servers. The reason others can get online with it is because they can get their JTAG/RGH online and completely ignore that. I don’t think it’ll be possible to use the Epic Reaper skin unless Cheater has a trick up his sleeve which allows him to modify it on their end and physically unlock it. But personally, I don’t think this is going to happen. But then again - it’s Cheater912. The man who can make anything happen.

Damn this tool is going to be good!

How much longer cheater? The anticipation is driving me nuts! Hahahah

We took that into consideration which is why we tried it with the Bulletstorm characters who are linked to the Epic tag in the GPD just like the Epic weapon skin. If we had been able to get the bulletstorm characters to stick and not the Reaper then it would have made sense since the community players aren’t given the bulletstorm characters, epic medal or epic weapon skin. However since the community members only get the Reaper, I think it’s just simply that we haven’t figured out the way for it to stick yet. I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to test still before I call it hopeless.

And on top of those tests, I still believe that we’d be able to unlock the character and weapon skins like in Gears of War 3 through the Epic tag on the GPD.

If you’re referring to unlocking the Reaper character skin via the EPIC status on your profile that could work however, I was talking with one of the developers and they said it was up to the employee whether to enable the Reaper character for his/her profile. Which makes me believe maybe (just maybe) that wouldn’t work. However, it would make complete sense if it did work. Good luck with the research and good luck Cheater on releasing the tool (if you happen to release a tool and this photo isn’t simply of you showing off your skills with a JTAG/RGH). :smile:

Cheater is there an ETA on when we can get our hands on this beautiful tool your making ?

Good stuff cheater, I have always admired your work.

I’m working hard to organize 1,500+ stats into one editor. I’m shooting for Sunday.

Good luck for your deadline. But ouch! 1,500. You’re going to be hard at work!

FWIW guys, we have tried as well to get not only the reaper and epic content to stick, but the hidden armor and skins that arent even listed in the .ini OR .int (Ice Burn, Chlorophyll, etc) but simply applying them from JTAG side and hoping they stick - no go.

I also modded the award.ini to not only provide a prizebox every kill, but award these specific hidden skins and armors. Amazingly they are awarded, but once equipped, if you log out of the account and back in (even on the JTAG) they disappear.

Lastly, I have awarded this hidden content by achievement and also by killing the reaper in an online match. As before, you are awarded, but it will not stick.

I have given up except for a few shots in the dark here and there.

Hope some of this can help you guys. Hope you get it working.

Sunday? Oh SNAAAPP