GOW1 gamesave editor doesn't recongize boomshot

Can anyone set me up with the tools or guidance to manually mod my GOW1 gamesave so Boomshot has max ammo?
The Horizon GOW1 gamesave editor thinks no weapons are there whenever a boomshot is in the inventory. This leads me to believe the coder didn’t take into account the boomshot in the editor. I’ve tried on numerous checkpoint states at different points in the game. I’ve some moding experience in hex so if there’s a way to extract the data, manually mod, and reinject the modded data that would be great? I don’t have a specific decompiler/recompiler for gears of war or a code map for what the editor does. Would appreciate some help. Thank you.

never mind, I figured it out, luckily the content dir file is unencrypted and the value for ammo starts 2 bytes of 00 after the weapon name and goes for 3 bytes. Easy easy, problem solved. It works lol