GOW3 Beta Items

If I unlock Flaming weapons, will I get banned for that? Anybody know the answer to that? Thank you very much :smile:

There’s always a chance of getting banned when modding online saves.

I know that. But I was wondering if there’s been any reports of bans just from modding beta items

Not very likely, I unlocked them on my second profile over 2 years ago and no problems. Just don’t use the Epic skins in a public room.

oops did’t realize how old this was

is there a way to get the cole train beta character skin? and the gold retro lancer.

Click your profile in Horizon and then click mod…Gears of War 3 Profile.

In here you can click “Selected Cog…” and choose Superstar Cole, Classic Cole, Cole Train, or Augustus Cole. Not sure if any of those were the beta one or not.

You can also click “Selected Rifle…” and select Retro Lancer, then click “Retro Lancer Skin…” and change it to Gold.

You just have to remember that you can not go to the skins screen or else these changes will reset and you will have to mod them again.

You can try clicking Player Data and the mod button.

Click the far right rewards tab.

Under Weapon Skins click “Gold” and that will unlock all gold skins, but if I remember right that was for everything but the Retro Lancer.

Just remembered that Philymaster made a good editor that unlocks that weapon skin, just can’t find that editor on my computer at the moment. Will check my external here soon.




Unlikely because the game is old. Just don’t be telling people you modded your GPD or you’ll be screwed with your rank being reset. Nothing happened to me yet. Everybody be modding weapons now with epic skin weapons everywhere.