{GPD file modding}- Call of Duty Black Ops Nazi Zombies-

Ok, i have used 41560855.gpd file for modding Call of Duty Nazi Zombies.

But, i forgot to make a back-up gpd file and stuff… so now im stuck with the mods.
But, when i deleted profile only then recovered it the mods were gone which was good.
Then, i went on multiplayer and my class names were colored they say

Color Class 1
Color Class 2
Color Class 3

You get what i mean…
but, im just afraid with this banning rumor thats going around about Microsoft banning people every November.
im afraid ill get banned about the class names being colored and i want to delete it but i really dont know how PLEASE help?

Trust me i already got 1 account banned from profile modding Be careful modders. :confused: :confused:


Try changing the names of the classes.

Edit: Or like Cody said, delete the GPD.

Open your profile in Horizon.
Delete the .GPD.
Recover your profile.

option a) change the class names on black ops, removing colors and giving them a name
option b) mod the class names, maintaining colors (if you want)

Okay thanks all for your great post. Ok, so i tried to change em like first opinion but they stayed the same. man, why are GPD’s so stupid i wish the mods on zombies can stay but you can turn em off.

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Just rename the class names to have no colors…

Another possible way is, to get a GPD modder which can be found with a search of this forum, than mod then. You will more than likely find something like ^1 in the name. Remove than and it will be fine.

You can also do this intue xbox by just renaming classes. It will remove it.

This is possibly the safest method. Although, deleting it should be fine.

I doubt you will get banned for something as small as that, but just incase.
Replace it with this clean one

Good post, but the above fixes will work. Safely.

If your concerned, go to multiplayer than private match or another mode, rather than xbox live.

yeah they can catch me i’ve done many of extreme mods like JTag online prestige lobbies i had to unban my xbox alot when cod WaW was around Black ops is more protected and has more moding phishers

Jtag Modding is Different to Data Modding, or USB Modding.
Jtags use extreme out there types of coding and systems. Hence why you will need a JTAG to do these mods. Modding a GPD Shouldn’t get you banned. It may tho, Get you banned from Black ops online. So, Carefull. Just don’t mod leader boards ect by using mods to gain ridiculous game stats like lever 50 in 10 mins.

You could just never play that game again :confused:

okay, thanks it works :smile:

Good to hear. Horizon support will always get you a fix:)