my GPU is 100c, how to cool it?
or its died:worried:

A better cooling system maybe…

what GPU do you own?

Heat sync, maybe?

if it’s 100C it’s probably toast.

A lot of newer cards can handle temps of around 120C, not for extended periods of time, but 100C is definitely in the survivable range for a card. But I’d try to keep your card below 80-90C. Your GPU will auto throttle down around 105C

Yeah if you get over 80-90 usually your computer will just shut down, especially if overclocking

You’re just plain wrong. It’s highly dependent at what card slash what architecture you’re looking at. Fermi cards have been tested to reliably work up to 105C degree limit. Once cards hit their defined limit they’ll begin to throttle down, and if the temperature doesn’t move to an acceptable range, then the card will shut down. While the max safe temperature on newer Maxwell and Kepler cards is generally 95C. Look at the Hawaii GPU’s, AMD litterally said “95ºC is a perfectly safe temperature at which the GPU can operate for its entire life."

maybe its clogged with dust