[GR Breakpoint] Issues With Current Cheats

Here’s a couple of things that need to be fixed or adjusted with the current cheats for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.

Teleport to Drone - This…doesn’t work well. It seems it shoots you in a straight line directly to wherever your drone is. If there is something in your path, you “teleport” will be interrupted. Can this be changed so you’re teleported high above your drone in the same fashion as Teleport to Waypoint? Speaking of which…

Teleport to Waypoint - This needs to be fixed so that you teleport to YOUR waypoint ONLY. Right now, if there are more than just your waypoint on the map, you will be teleported to any waypoint except your own. I have to ask people to remove their waypoints just so I can teleport to MY waypoint…which raises suspicion.

Unlimited Health - When this is activated, your health bar is shown to be a lot longer than normal which raises suspicion. Can this be changed at all?

Here are some cheats I would like to see in the game:

No Shot Spread: You usually get this modifier from weapon attachments.

Unlimited Range: Increased or decreased by weapon attachments.

Unlimited Sharpshooter Ability: People are using an in-game trick that affects your SNR or DMR to where the damage from the Sharpshooter ability becomes permanent. Unfortunately, it has it’s quirks and doesn’t always work (I’m looking at you CPU Boss -.-). Alternatively, I’d like to see a damage boost cheat that works on ALL weapons.

No Injury: Right now, Unlimited Health doesn’t prevent injuries and you could still get critical injuries from explosions unless you use a particular perk…then you just get minor or sever injuries.

That’s it for now. Please? For a late Christmas gift?

Well first the things you mentioned teleport to someone elses waypoint ? The health bar raises suspicion? Trainers are not ment to be used online / multiplayer so if they dont work for that reason then no we wont fix it.
I’m guessing the other things you are talking about are for online too ?

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Obviously, how a player uses it is at his or her discretion. If the trainers were created to work specifically with offline/single player, then that’s how it would be. Do you expect people to only use it for offline play? What the trainers were “meant” to be used for it irrelevant on so many levels. Especially when Wemod gives you the ability to bypass a game’s cheat detection software. That’s a bit naive, don’t you think? Anyway…how Wemod is used is irrelevant. “Our game, our rules”, right?

I was just providing feedback how the trainers were working in particular situations and how they could work better. If you don’t want to fix/modify the trainers because I’m using it for online play, because you obviously have an ethical concern, I hate to tell you this, but you’re in the wrong business.

WeMod does not condone cheating in multiplayer and never will. It ruins the experience for others and gives everyone that uses cheats a bad name even if they never touch multiplayer with them. With that being said we will not be updating the cheats because they do not work the way you think they should in multiplayer.

This topic is now closed, any further discussion about cheating in multiplayer will result in the post being deleted.