Granblue Fantasy: Relink Cheats and Trainer for Steam

could you make roll on Over Mastery will get max stats always?


Could you add features to always get perfect guard or perfect dodge?

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Please I just want my terminus weapon. Can you make it a guaranteed drop or unlock all please

Can you add a mod that makes the Over Mastery always roll maximized stats?


Great mod, I would also enjoy an Over Mastery always rolling max stats mod, that would be great if you could do that. Thanks!


in the Obtain All items which one has the keys for opening chests? I don’t want to cheat all the items in the game because I want to keep some of the experience but this one is slightly annoying

An infinite timer on the mirage chest puzzles would be nice.

Will you add Overmastery and Sigil edits in the future, or assists on extreme and proud missions?

Try using edit game time to slow it down for more precise movements.

all the loot please, in each mission all the loot has 100% exit rate please, that trick would be excellent it would save us hours of farming :heart_eyes:

Can you post something about a quest at the very beginning when you arrive into town, you have to finish a quest to get something from the knickknack vendor. If you were like me and max everything out, you cannot pass that quest. You’re literally stuck in that screen forever. You would have to STOP the game and delete that saved game and start over again. After that quest is complete, you can max everything out.

Would love something to easily max out a sigil without having to ruin my inventory by giving myself a bunch of materials. Please and thank you.

Even just editing our Azurite’s Splendor item count would work great.

This would be amazing to have !

So I’ve noticed when using wemod, the moment you activate the app for the game, your character suddenly moves very slowly? I didn’t encounter this the first time, but it started happening after, has anyone else had this problem?

Hey guys, do the cheats show up online when playing with others? Such as using infinite Recovery Items? Because I accidentally had Max Skybound Art Gauge on once during online and everyone in the room instantly got their gauge maxed out so I’m wondering if the other cheats will show up for them if I have them enabled? Thanks

WeMod is meant ONLY for single player, do not use it in Multi-Player.

Check to see it you accidentally changed the Set Movement Speed or Set Game Speed modifiers from the default values.

It would be nice if you added an option for the player’s extra mastery to get 10 stars please

Someone earlier suggested an “always perfect guard”. I would prefer a function that makes Perfect Guards easier or more consistent rather than always perfect. Perhaps make it a slider so that everyone can be happy?

No response using “16. Edit Dalia Badges”