Grand Theft Auto 5 Launches Again Next Week, Watch The New Trailer

[/img]We’re partying like it’s 2013, back when when the only thing keeping our sanity in check as we impatiently waited for Sony and Microsoft’s to launch their next-gen machines was Rockstar North’s Grand Theft Auto 5.

Now, just like the good old days, here we find ourselves caught in the lead up of the a second launch of one of last-gen’s most memorable video game titles. GTA V is about to find its way to a whole new generation of hard drives and disc drives so gamers can relive those special moments with Franklin, Michael, and Trevor, as well as friends and strangers in GTA Online, in full HD.

GTA V launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next week, November 18, and in typical Rockstar fashion, the studio has put together another nifty launch trailer so you can get excited about it all over again.

In addition to a ton of new content, the next-gen GTA V will arrive with full 1080p capabilities on both consoles and will allow gamers to experience the game in its entirety in the first-person.


Here’s the Trailer