Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Heists Revealed, Trailer and Screenshots

[/img]Rockstar Games has confirmed that GTA Online Heists will arrive in early 2015. With that, they are promising 20 hours of gameplay featuring new weapons, vehicles and items. This all comes from an interview over at IGN with Imran Sarwar, the lead mission designer and GTA Online producer.

Rewards will be handed out to players for completing all five Heists in order, as well as completing them in first person mode on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Here are the actual screenshots and the trailer without all the TTG bull****.


[details=Open Me]



Open Me

There’s also a Q/A on IGN:

then R* gonna delay it till 2016

This, I find it funny Rockstar threw that line in there!

Honestly, I’m excited for the heists to release, whenever they do. I figured we’d be robbing banks, the casino, and the military base, but, after watching the trailer, I’m excited to see what’s in story since we see yachts and such!

Reminds me of payday 2…

They look worth the wait to be honest. Hope all the vehicles and weapons can be used outside of heists.