Grand Theft Auto IV Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Hello, I have tried the trainer for GTA IV Complete edition from Steam. Every time I try to press F1 for unlimited health, it deactivates instantly. Anyone know any fix?


same here mod automatically turns its self off can we get an update plz


its updated , cant use now…

the god mode dose work but only when getting shot if you get hit by a car to hard or if you fall a little to fare you die, please fix this, update the GodMode.

it’s doesn’t work anymore

GTA 4 Complete Edition Trainer need an update for the current Steam Version! it doesnt’ work

It does work, you need to wait til the game has loaded into the story before clicking ‘Play’ on the trainer.

Also, is there a way to add Unlimited Health for allies? Phil Bell is an idiot who dies as soon as enemies shoot at him.

Hi guys. Just a quick question. I am running GTA 4 on disc on patch 1.0.7. Is there away to get the cheats to work with it?

Or even to work with 1.0.8?

Hello can you please update the cheats please it is nit working

Is there any way these cheats work for the non-Steam version of the game? Meaning loading up from Rockstar Games itself, like GTA V has more than just the one from Steam. I didn’t purchase the game from Steam, I bought it directly from Rockstar Games, but the only option that comes up is Steam.

the trainer by itself works, to make it function you have to downgrade the GTA IV to version after that everything works. Theres plenty tutorials online to downgrade the current GTAIV(steam) version to an older version.

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I hope u will update the trainer, add inf armor and inf stamina

I am looking forward towards the trainer working on rockstargames launcher version

Any chance of adding an FPS fix? My Steam version keep crashing during the Final Mission(Revenge choice) at the Helicopter QTE.

not sure if i am the only one with this issue, but i did as the readme instructed and ran through steam, waited til i was in story, alt tabbed, hit play, went back in, and it froze my game, then went to a black screen, to which only ctrl alt delete to task manager could get out of gta 4 as it was entirely unresponsive. any help is appreciated! :slight_smile:

Unlimited Health is broken, will take damage from guns ect