Grand Theft Auto San Andres Mod Tool?

Hey everybody, I was wondering if there is a mod tool for GTA san andreas for the xbox 360. A link would be great please. I just got the game through GoD and seemed like a really cool game to mod. Anything would be great thanks!

The game has plenty of cheat codes. NO Need to mod it

The cheat codes don’t work on the 360 version.

X, Right, X, X, White, A, Y, A, Y -> awww yeeeuh

@zyxut The binaries are no different from the original Xbox 1 binaries, and the black/white buttons get transformed to LB/RB (respectively)

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Cheats,Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Walkthrough -

convert these to the xbox 360 controller if you can…

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Mod the PC version with CLEO. :wink:

Yeah people have already posted codes that work on the 360. Google It

On the PS2, I remember using a Pelican Cheat Code disc :laughing: had alot of games. Choose the one I want and turn on the cheats and play. Kinda like an ISO :laughing:

OT: Google it. Google is your friend.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Xbox 360 Cheats, Cheat Codes, Guides, FAQs, Glitches

Guys she’s/he’s not asking for cheat codes she’s/he’s asking for modding tools -_m