Grand Theft Auto V Cheats and Trainer for Rockstar Games

Always liked to use those mods. Great work so far.

Unfortunately the last update from yesterday broke some of the mods.

Those are, so far as i noticed:

  • God Mode
  • Unlimited Health
  • Vehicle God Mode
  • Unlimited Vehicle Health
  • Never Detected by Police
  • Explosive Ammo for selected Weapon

Hope those get fixed soon.

The Grand Theft Auto V cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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When I launch the game using wemod and try to start the keys(like F1 F2 or so) it goes off as right as I click it
any help?


Hello, the max stats mod no longer works, it worked pretty well yesterday apart from endurance and apnea but now it’s just the piloting, can you repair it or is there something special to do? thank you for quickly answering me

so why the unlimited money doesn’t work for my single player? d

Waypoint Teleport works about 50% of the time. Sometimes it works just fine, other times (more commonly found when teleporting anywhere in blaine county) it will glitch out of the map forcing a restart.

how are you using the mods without “wEmOd pRo”?

All mods are free to use. You must use the hotkeys to activate them if you do not have an active Pro subscription.

oh ok

hey guys, just a question, if i ACCIDENTALLY use these in gta online will i get banned? like on accident, i go into gta online and forget to disable the mods

You should be fine.

Only single player not in online

hello. why on gta 5 wemod, when i do max stats, it doesn’t maximize diving and stamina? Thank you

Hello, i changed my trevor model to npc model but i dont know how to change it back? thx for help

Do we have a way to disable “God Mode Vehicle” and Unlimited Health Vehicle" after enable?
I’m on a mission need destroy my vehicle,but i unclick above both cheat code vehicle still unbreakable on anyway.

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i have a small error with the money mod it on trevor and franklin fine but when im use it on micheal nothing happen his cash stay the same. please fix this as soon as possible

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is there going to be a fix for the money mod anytime soon

Waypoint Teleport has stopped working, does anyone know of a solution?


Yes, Stopped working, need to get fixed.


The Grand Theft Auto V cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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