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Grand Theft Auto V Cheats and Trainer


Im pretty sure there are other guys making trainers they could implement into the infinity thingy. thats what i mean by exchange.


Well they have their trainers to work on aswell.
Unknown will update it as soon as he has time. Be patient.


The Grand Theft Auto V cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


Thank you for all your hard work! (Targeted at Developers and others) :slight_smile:


Error code:17 once launched


Start the game first then attach infinity to it. That error is a rockstar error not an infinity one


Does Infinity supports version 1.41? I tried at like version 1.07 and it just close once finished loading. I then updated to 1.41 and it does work but when I try any cheats, it doesn’t work. Switches stay on, does not switch to OFF but they don’t affect my game. Adding money doesn’t seem to work neither. Spawning vehicle does nothing.
Nothing nothing nothing works!


Also, can you add a mod to access or enable the Director Mode?


Buy games if you want support. The trainer devs are to busy too support pirated versions.


How’d you guess I have a crack?!
Anyways, I just wanted to ask if this REALLY supports version 1.41.


Pls help when i click play in infinity the game loads up just as usual but then it gets to loading social club and it loads for a long time then it just brings me to the help page of rockstar games and it exits the game. when i load the game through steam it loads perfectly though pls help!


Has anyone else died while using the “Infinite Health” option? I don’t really understand if it is game mechanics working against me, but dying to a tap from a car seems fishy if your supposed to be invincible with the option… Bullets don’t seem to do much of anything, but after realizing I took damage from being flung by an explosion I tested whether fall damage was included, and sure enough, I DIED! Is this an easy fix or has it been like this for a while?


Wait until the game is loading campaign mode and then click start game in Infinity to load the trainer.

It’s a “general” infinite health so it might not make you completely invincible.


thanks! so much


This Trainer no longer works as of 1/08/2018. I get this error:

When I go to that site and download the new scripthookv and install it. It still doesn’t work. The scripthookv file is out of date. The current GTA V version is v1.0.1290.2 and this scripthookv is only good up to v1.0.1290.1

Please update the files so the trainer can continue to work properly.


Scripthook has nothing to do with infinity.

Stop using Scripthook and Infinity will work


Thank you, I just realized I had used it for trying out some mods a long time ago. I just deleted the files and the error is gone.


Trainer doesn’t want to work for me, game crashes. Any help?


You need to provide more info than that.


Hey, quick question… i gave my self all weapons since i restarted the SP, and in doing the quest where you lamar, and strizzzetch go to buy a shotgun with a flash light, well you already own it so you cant complete the objective… is there a way to turn off i guess, or give back all the guns so i can advance the mission?