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Grand Theft Auto V Cheats and Trainer


Well. As of right now i bet there arent. Although @unknown_v2 can probably come up with a fix though.


I’ll play as much of the game as i can, but with franklins main story line i wont be able to go anyfurther… i await hopeful.


Try this save editor:

Not sure if it allows you to remove weapons but it is a great editor.


Seems to have worked, a bit of cloud save conflict, but i told it to use the local data, presuming that this was the data that was changed… should work… ill let you know.


HI there! Amazing work c: Works almost every time. Do you think you could add the newer vehicles from multiplayer into the SP spawn list? I noticed you had things like the Roosevelt (B-Type) there, and some of the weapons too, so I was curious.


Hi! I have a problem, when i start the game over infinity my Social Club starts and the the Game. When i am in the game for like 30sec it says “We`re hving trouble starting or findong your opened game.” It Would be nice if Someone has a Solution for me :wink:

How you see i am in the game tho.


@ImDelta. Wait till the campain is loading first then alt tab out and hit play in infinity after


Already tried it but it dint worked :confused:


And when i am doing it it just starts social club who is saying that the game is already runing


its on german but it says already running and when i click okay after a time gta v opens twice


Are you using any mods?


i am not able to get gta v to start through infinity for me it just says that the social club couldn’t connect to their servers so i can’t start gta v


Start the game first attach Infinity afterwards


ok will try that just so used to having to start the cheat program first. ty


cheat is great but i have an issue with vehicle spawning. As it goes start game get into story mode start infinity set the inf ammo, health, stamina, breath, and skill ability to on. I also choose what vehicle i would like to spawn when i need on or if i would like to try a different vehicle. On average i play 10-15 before i spawn a vehicle. In most cases no vehicle spawns even after trying to spawn several. In the rare occasions i do get a vehicle to spawn I go for about 30 sec game freezes then crashes. I am using no mods but i am not using the steam version. It is a ligit game bought and downloaded from the game website. Is there a fix or am i doing something wrong or is it only meant to be used for the steam version. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you for your time and publishing of this cheat in advanced.


@AxeManPGCA i just pulled a gun right outside the store and went in to fail that section till i was given the skip option u get if u fail it enough.


Anyone test this online and get banned? I don’t really care for god mode and disturbing other players but not having to grind house for a vehicle that costs 2 million would be nice. To clarify and restate my question: Did anyone get banned after increasing there money significantly online?


No one has been banned for increasing their money using this trainer.


Online? (Just to make sure).


Nobody uses this trainer online. You will get banned if you try to use it online.