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Grand Theft Auto V Cheats and Trainer


I tried spawning in a vehicle once, it worked. I tried another time, even with the same vehicle, and it didn’t work again. Any help?


this is for online too?


Nope. No trainer on wemod is for online use


Starting Infinity in GTAV freezes the game. When I start Infinity befor the game, it can’t log to Social Club.


Happens every time I start up GTA 5 using Infinity


Read the comments above thats why they are here. Read the solution !


Can you show me where then? I don’t see anyone that had my problem.


Couple people. Was said to wait till campain starts for couple mins. That alt tab to destop then hit start in infinity. Usually works like that


K thank you.


Unfortunately it doesn’t work :confused:




hi I was playing the story of gta and I activated a few cheats and messed about for a bit then I went online and none of the cheats were active so was like ok good I wont get banned but then the next day I find out I’m banned of the month and my all my online stuff has been erased :disappointed_relieved:


Well have to say its your own fault for going online with a modded game
Not wemods fault
No trainer here is made for online use.


Singleplayer stuff should be 100% safe to mod. They are either making things up or used the trainer online.

edit: Trainer was probably still injected during online play (based on what they said). Simply restarting the game would fix it.


This trainer doesnt work, or I dont know how to use it. I turn it on press play and it luanches GTA 5 but when I try to use the cheats on singleplayer they dont work


hi mate i went to play GTAV just before (story mode of course) and several of the cheats do not work after the latest update infinite ammo, unlim stamina, lock wanted level, and infinite vehicle health i have confirmed do not work after the latest update


Nothing for the GTA 5 trainer is currently working for stream


GTA V recently updated the game, and infinity is completely broken, and the teleport has been teleporting me under the map and at times miles away from my waypoint for months, it is frustrating, i would be willing to pay for the service if it functioned more reliably, in addition, infinitely regenerating health doesnt work with something that would kill you instantly, get into a decent firefight, take lots of rounds, then try standing next to an explosion, you die, maybe invincibility as opposed to “infinite health” would work better. either way, the new update broke infinity in respect to gta v entirely, yet works with my other titles




Yeah, I’m getting the same results just like everyone else with the majority of the cheats not working at all, although I do understand that there has been a recent update for the game so that explains it.