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Grand Theft Auto V Cheats and Trainer


@DarkDynasty that is correct, we just have to wait until the trainer is updated.


I tried this with GTA V, I have retail and I only tried all of this on offline to avoid being banned. But most don’t seem to work, only one I’ve found to work was the +100 000 money.

Am I doing something wrong?

Moon Gravity
Infinite Ammo
Lower and raise Wanted Level
Teleport to Waypoint
Super Jump
and Give all weapons

All the above i tried and not 1 works.

Any advice Wemod team?


Yes you did something wrong. You’re not reading the message above yours which clearly said the trainer needs an update


These cheats do not work on my gta these are 4 single player right. if these dont work youd be better buying an actual mod menu that would also work on online.


See the comment above yours. And no body cares about using this trainer online


@Ptondo True.


The Grand Theft Auto V cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


Why in god mode when i fall or get blowed up I die???


After update, game won’t load Social Club, and then kicks me out after several minutes. Before the update, everything worked except infinite health.


Is This Cheat Undetectable?
After all, you could be banning players.


It’s not made for online so no. They could not be banning players.


What if you did go online? WITH THE CHEAT?


Then you’re stupid and it’s your own fault for getting banned
“Body to similiar” Yeah cause it’s copy and pasted ffs.


So it can only work in offline mode?


Where the hell are any cheats you can use online and not get banned ? No where !!


actually i have cheats for gta v online and i havent been banned yet and ive messed with ppl and ■■■■ but idk if they are detected rn as last time i used them was like 5 days ago so maybe there detected maybe there not idk but i havent been banned yet


i can give u a link if u want too


@MagaMasterYT we mod does not condone cheating in multiplayer games, if i am correct @ptondo does not cheat in multiplayer and he does not probably wanna start. Give it time, rockstar will get you.


Infinite health doesnt work after every cutscene


some reason this update now I can’t get on gta v, it loads the story then cuts off why is that? also no cheats activated before story mode