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Grand Theft Auto V Cheats and Trainer


@WayneCAlderman the trainer has to be updated, since rock-star updated gta v.


Repair and spawn vehicle only works once. If you try to reload the cheat game crashes (on rockstarsocial club).


hi mate, just wanted to know why is it that after this latest trainer update that my in game graphics are set to minimum and is there anything i can do to change this?
i have noticed this effect once before when i activated the infinity trainer and tried to play mafia 3, i had to reinstall the game to restore the graphic settings. (for context my graphic settings on gtav are all set to ultra and the on screen graphics look as if set to minimum.

thanks in advance


That has nothing to do with Infinity.
Infinity does not alter game settings only memory related for the cheats.


thats what im trying to work out, ive only seen this once before where all setting were where i left them graphics wise but on screen looks like set to minimum and infinity is the only common factor
tested with mafia 3 as stated in previous post, reinstalled and ran without infinity graphics went where i set them,
ran infinty then graphics looked as if set to minimum although all setting set to ultra


Then start the trainer while the game is running. They can’t fix anything if only you are experiancing it.


i do start the trainer once the game is running and i have tried launching the game via infinity both ways same result


So graphics just turn potato as soon as you activate the trainer/press play? Sounds really weird.

I would like to see video of it, probably wouldn’t help you but it would be interesting to see.


Infinite health does not work for explosives (rockstar social club)


As far as i can tell everything else is fixed. Thanks!


keep getting error code 17 when trying to load into single player, or at least attempting to. Loading from steam I have no problems, any fix for this?


Start the game first and press play in Infinity after you loaded into the campaign


Ok thanks :smiley:


i cany get this to work with my gta 5, tried some of the suggestions on this page do you support the offsicial version downloaded from rockstar themselves ?


Hi! I’ve been using this awesome app over a year atleast! it is indeed awesome and helps with offline games.
But… I remember that I used this trainer for GTA V once and after 1 day, I got banned form online.

before you say ‘’ I’m stupid ‘’ etc. let me make this clear: I used this trainer for story mode, not for Online.

my question is, is this trainer still safe to use on story mode.

Once again, I love what you guys do, but I can’t trust this trainer. there’s just too much to lose; online progression, level, money etc.


You’re the first to report getting banned from online for playing offline.
Been using this trainer for a long time now and so have others without getting banned.
Be aware though that before you join the online mode you should restart the game without Infinity open.


Hey if i add $10 mil to my account and go into multiplayer will I get banned? Not touching any other mods?


online cash is on the server side.


If you have Infinity attached to GTA 5 and go online you’ll get banned.

Restart the game without having Infinity open and you can go online


The game just immediately closes once I press play. I can load the game via Infinity and normally, but the cheats don’t work. If I try to press play again (or for the first time if I loaded normally) the game immediately crashes.