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Grand Theft Auto V Cheats and Trainer


When I use this trainer/cheater, My GTA V game freezes and Windows says the game has stopped working! Can anyone help?


It appears that the cheat won’t work (I even used a technique where i start from steam and then start Infinity) when I start Infinity, it gives me a popup to retry or go to safe mode but neither work.


I’m have the same issue. :frowning:


dose the add money mod work in gta5 online?


That’s on the server side.


@Wulfgar3182 @C_Maggotbone its not for multiplayer, using it online will Ban you, probably for life. Single player only.


i used this offline and still got banned from online i didnt use it online so i think this ones on you guys


Yeah good luck with that one mate.


i only got banned for 1 month though so im not triggered btw


Still not Infinitys fault. No way you got banned playing offline


Ya but he only gave himself 1 billion dollars then went and played online


Will I get banned in online for using this in offline? I got banned before on online for using cheats in offline. Is it the same with this or can I only get banned for having the mods in the gta file?


Well ya if you modify your character all crazy n stuff then go online ya probably


Restart the game after using Infinity and you should be good. Singleplayer doesn’t carry over to multiplayer in this game so modified saves shouldn’t be an issue.


Ok, after about 3 minutes of feeling dumb I finally got infinity to be able to launch GTAV but when I open GTA and aviate something it doesn’t do anything the game stays the way it is (note I don’t have it on steam I bought GTAV off Rockstar’s official website) and after a while not being able to figure it out I then had to figure out how to post on here so idk if this is just too confusing for me and I don’t understand how to use it because other games work, just not GTAV. any at least attempted help is appreciated.


my gta v version is 1180.1/ online 1.41, but everytime i click the play button in the infinity trainer after starting the game in single player offline campaign it crashes the game. I have not played the game for quite a while now i used to play the game using infinity n it works fine in the previous version n just wanna have a bit of fun in the game. If the game version is the problem which version in the infinity should I choose since it only displays the date of version of the game not the version number of my game? P.S u make the best trainer/mod/hacks that I have ever used in the game n all other games and it’s quite satisfying for me. Sorry for the short essay…


I’ve had some issues with this crashing my game, not sure why… (in singleplayer) especially when i try to teleport on the map to the map mark you make.


I was in the game, used the cheats and none of them worked altough infinity said it was on please help ;-;


There was a game update early this morning. Once we test it internally we will update the cheats if necessary.


Ok thank you very much.