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Grand Theft Auto V Cheats and Trainer


Thanks @Chris


Hey team, I am also having trouble with the cheats after the patch update. Chris, thank you for looking out. all best to you guys


the trainer doesn’t work for me at all anymore i have tried the latest trainer version and i have also tried the older version i was originally using that doesn’t work anymore ether please help


Same here, every time I activate the cheats they don’t effect anything


Can’t get any of the tools to work, needs an update!!


Played this alot on PS3 used manual cheats works best


Yeah none of them works, hope it comes an update very soon :slight_smile:


the Trainer isn’t supporting the last update, so the trainer must be updated to work again I guess!


Will it disable achievements?


No shouldnt disable them. Or you can use S.A.M. steam achievement manager


GTA dosen’t launch its says that it exited unexpectedly… is there something I can do?


Load into singleplayer before you press play, that usually works. If there is something wrong with the actual game I suggest you look somewhere else for a fix.


pls fix that you cant spawn any vehicles and the infinite special doesnt work


the trainer codes for GTA5 needs to be updated. none of the codes work anymore after last night club update.


when is the trsiner going to be updated?


This is outdated. Please update when you get a chance


The only cheat that I can tell is working is the unlimited money. The trainer says that my game version isn’t supported. I’m playing on steam and do not show any updates waiting, any help?


It is the Version Guard. I don’t not know how to disable it though.


Only a few work(money, lung, health) the rest are toast:(


@unknown_v2 can you update it pls, almost nothing work :frowning: