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Grand Theft Auto V Cheats and Trainer


I believe we haven’t seen or heard from @unknown_v2 for a while…idk if this will be taken over by current active Trainer Creators or it will be disband until the Creator comes back. But please bare with the Wemod team while they sort stuff out guys.


but will there be an update?


Idk at this time…it depends if another Trainer Creator will take over or @unknown_v2 might come back in the near future… there’s nothing they can do until @Chris sorts it.


pls fix ily


Does anyone know if this still work in 2018 August? and safe to use online?


We are working on an update. It should come within the next week or so.


it’s not working for now and DON’T USE it online you’ll be ban


Ty for protecting me <3


@Zach @frank or @Chris

Just wondering, since unknown_v2 has gone M.I.A is there a chance that any of the trainers his done that are popular be updated in the near future if we had a community vote? I mean I’m worried about @unknown_v2 won’t come back…we’ve herd nothing from him since May…


I was talking to @Chirs the other day in the Discord, He said that he’s moving on but will be updating his trainer in a week or so


STN has nothing to do with the trainer


Can we get world peace? Thank you


Every body seems to blame him any how


For once I would like to see the comments section contain praise to the trainer makers, instead of the normal “can I use this online?” which is answered in the help section, or folks screaming for an update.


There is no version guard updates. If you have version guard on it works on the last version of the game before the game has an update. Its for the trainer after the game updates you use the last version of the trainer


LOL big dog… Woof woof

I don’t have access to unknownv2s trainer and he made trainers differently than I do. I heard that he’s coming back to update this trainer so have patience.

Please stop tagging me as I have nothing to do with it. I am also not a big dog, get your facts straight. Frank and zach are. Tagging me asking to do something about it is like tagging @ptondo to fix my trainers, he doesn’t have access or any clue how i did anything.


yeah the GTAV trainer doesn’t work at all now literally only the money cheat works


update please


I’m running a GTA 5 crack. It’s on build 877 and online 1.36, everytime I use wemod it instantly crashes the game. Any tips?


He aint here no more. And get the steam version
And nothing here is for online. Cant help with that