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Grand Theft Auto V Cheats and Trainer


Any chance of this being updated soon?


buy the game on steam


So… was there an update??


Have you seen one?


Just a signal boost. Update is needed whenever you can get around to it. ^^


yES I THINK UPDATE IS NEEDED B/C DOESN’T WORK.Sorry f caps-it was stuck on.


NEED TO VOTE FOr an update now in the app


Little tip for you guys n gals, start GTA 5 in steam, then when in the start menu alt+tab or windows to Wemod, turn the cheats on (press YES to test anyway) Then start a Solo Game. I can confirm that NEVER DIE and UNLIMITED STAMINA work this way! ya welcome :wink:


Most of the cheats won’t work, and although many of us want an update, I can say that unknown is definitely a busy guy if he hasn’t been seen since May. Life must have caught up to him, lmao. Regardless, maybe he’ll come around winter “break.”


haha this game will never get an update, it’s in the top of update request from the beginning and nobody update it, F


I plan to make my own trainer soon inshaAllah


What is that word for us english user’s ??


Doesn’t it mean something along the lines “If God wills it”?


Yeah. God willing (I plan to but if God wills it, i will be able to do it otherwise i won’t).




sooooo… what’s happening?


STN said he would be making one in the future. Until he does that the trainer will remain in the state that it is since no one except unknown can update the current one and he isn’t around anymore.


Almost done with jc4 then I’ll resume updating trainers including this one


If he would of read the comments you even said insahalla or something like that.



Arabic: “in” for if, “sha” for will, Allah is God