Grand Theft Auto V roleplaying save (The return of CJ!)

Hello! I haven’t seen any roleplaying saves on GTA (Probably because its quite difficult to :laughing: ) so I thought i’d make one! In this save you play as Franklin who I have tried my best at making him into CJ from San Andreas! The story is simply you heard about the Ballas taking over Grove Street and pushing the family to the limit, you return to see that things are as bad as ever! Your mission is to kill the ballas and have fun being CJ again :smiley:.

Years have passed so I gave him some tattos, one says ‘Mother’ because Spoiler for San Andreas fans of San Andreas will know that his mother dies at the beginning of the game and the other says ‘Families’ as he is part of the ‘Grove Street Family’ also below you will find the rules of this roleplay.


  • You CANNOT change the character to Michael or Trevor.
  • You may change his clothes but only his clothes.
  • You can only hang out with people who are in the families.

Download link:

P.S: This save is for Xbox 360 and if you have any ideas for this save please let me know :smile:

Wow, will look forward to playing this. Thanks for this

No problem, I have more what I will be releasing soon :smile: