Graphic Contest! Win 3 Months of Diamond!

[b]XboxMb’s First Ever Graphics Competition. The winner will receive 3 months of Diamond and two runner ups will receive a month of Diamond.

You may enter graphics ranging from signatures, avatars, backgrounds, banners, or anything else you can think of.[/b]

[u]What we're looking for:[/u] - Creativity - Incorporates XboxMB or Horizon logos (Find them [here]( - Originality - Professionalism - And humor, if you please - Feel free to include slogans related to anything XboxMB or Horizon.


  • Abides by all forum rules, found here.
  • Involves XboxMB and/or Horizon
  • Don’t put your username in it, don’t worry! Proper credit will be given.
  • You may enter only 3 graphics.
  • Post only in this thread with your entries.

Rules broken will result in disqualification, or if forum rules are broken, suspension.


Grand Prize - 3 Months of Diamond

Runner Ups - 1 Month of Diamond[/size]

Contest Closes on and All Entries Must be in By 11/27 3:00 EST

Fix the link to the horizon stuff and nice contest.

EDIT: Nevermind it works at first it was over capacity. :stuck_out_tongue:

I made Cody:

I will see what I can throw together tomorrow.

Do we enter it on this thread?

Entering all my signatures… look below. :smile:

Edit: Working on the xbox mb logo… ignore for now. x.x

Edit II: Could somebody PLEASE from the staff team upload transparent renders of the XboxMB logo!? <3

Incorporates XboxMB or Horizon logos.


It has to be XboxMB Related. And new.

Admin please delete this post. My internet went super slow while responding and then there are others saying same thing before I did.

Yes, zrueda I just double checked kinda rushed the reading. x.x

Could you see if you guys could upload transparent rendered images of the logo though? :confused:

can sum1 please make non Transparent and Transparent Renders for XboxMB and Horizon Logos?

I’ve got this one in teh bag…

Is This Acceptable?

Only post in this thread with entries, please.

If you have a question or request, PM zrueda.

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GL M8s

Thanks for your opinions!

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