Graphics card upgrade

I want to get a vive, but I need a graphics upgrade and I don’t know what card to get.
This is my current build

Card is R9 280x *

What? Maybe 2 years ago it was.

Garribean don’t buy any card right now. Pascal was just announced last week and is suppose to be much more powerful. Release at the end of next month.

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Chris is our almighty tech goddess…you don’t mess around with Chris


I think it is because what you said implied that it is a fact. He simply disagreed. It’s supposed to be a discussion, you can’t get mad because someone disagrees with you.

I’d agree with Chris, but it depends on how much you care about new parts. Like most parts, you deal with diminishing returns. If you are on a budget, buy used. People always stay away from used parts but it’s not that bad.

Since when does Win10 mean low budget build? lmao

This is a 2 year old build that I got from travis :stuck_out_tongue:

These types of comments right here is why I generally step in and reply to threads. Explain how having an i5 indicates it is either one of those two things. 99% of people that only game don’t need an i7 as hyper threading does nothing for gaming. If we are going to say an i5 is low end we might as well say everything under the Intel (3/4/5)930k are low budget/old systems. The specs on consumer grade i5 and i7 are identical besides hyper threading and 2MB of cache. In fact if you are gaming hyper threading reduces performance which is why we disable it when benchmarking. Even if I spend $1200 on a 5960x my performance gains from the CPU are going to be minimal in gaming. The only reason I am going to see a performance gain is because of the 40x PCIe lanes vs 16 on the current i5/i7 and that gain is only going to be seen if you are running some ridiculous setup like 4 way SLI 980ti on surround 4k.

Next lets talk about Windows 10. It is fine if you don’t like it a lot of people don’t but that doesn’t make it low budget. If I go out and buy windows 10 pro it is $200. I don’t see what is low budget about that or how it even slightly indicates that it is low budget.

I will state this again the 770 might have been the top recommendation 2 years ago when it was still being produced. There is no reason to buy a 2 generation old card. The 960 which has about the same performance as the 770 can be had for $175. It is fine if you don’t agree with what I have to say but there is no reason to everything so personal. This is an open forum that is meant for discussion.

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Do you know how much the Pascal will be?

It should be the same price as current cards. Nvidia generally doesn’t raise the price. So the 1080 $500-$550, 1070 $300-$350

There’s your mistake. He doesn’t know anything